I Have Some Thoughts On The Notebook

We all know the story, right? Two young people, they fall in love in a small southern town where Noah lives and Allie is staying for the summer. At the end of summer, Allie must go home and they are separated by distance and her parents belief that he isn’t right for her. How romantically tragic, right?

NO. You know what’s tragic? Allie’s boyfriend who didn’t so much as know of Noah’s name until she returned home and told him. That’s right, Allie had a boyfriend and still went on dates and then had sex with someone else. If I remember correctly, I don’t believe they mentioned this little detail in the movie, but they certainly did in the book.
What they definitely did keep true in the movie was the fact that Allie was engaged to a supposedly well respected gentleman named Lon. Allie waited for over a decade to go back and try and find Noah, and she waited until she was engaged. Not only that but after the first time of sleeping with Noah while she had a boyfriend, she went and did it again, all throughout the night, therefore also cheating on Lon. That is of course, after lying to him about where she was going in order to go visit Noah.

Noah isn’t innocent either though. He knew of both these relationships. It had supposedly made him shy away from her to begin with the summer they first met, but he still ended up going back and romancing her anyway. Later when they finally meet again you can also tell he is initially struggling between wanting her and knowing it’s wrong, but again, HE STILL HOOKS UP WITH HER ANYWAY!!!

Allie tells Noah that she’s never made love to another guy, and in every one she has seen she’s been looking for him, and Noah has spent his years trying to run from her “ghost,” which he could never escape. Yet they both wait until she is engaged to decide that they were always meant to be together.

To make matters even worse, Allie seemed to not feel anyway remorse in regards to cheating on Lon until her mother shows up at Noah’s house, catching her out. The age old case of, “are you sorry or sorry you got caught?”

To be (slightly?) fair on Allie, when her mother came her told her she had to make a decision, she was trying to decide which option would hurt her friends and family the least. Congratulations Allie, it seems you do have an ounce of selflessness in you. However, then NoahNOAH, decided he’d turn into the mid 20th century version of a fuck boy, trying to convince her to stay because he can’t lose her again. He can’t live without her anymore. If she goes she’s taking part of his heart with her. What about Lon? What about Lon?

Did Allie, before going to see Noah and then sleeping with him, think about how’d it hurt him so much more than it probably would have had she just come out and said she can’t marry him because she never got over someone else? Did Noah ever put himself in the shoes of the man who was potentially losing the girl he was meant to marry?

So evidently, I have some thoughts on The Notebook, some very strong thoughts, pushing this post more into the territory of rant than serious book review. But I would like to say, despite my passionate views I’d like to make it clear that I loved this novel.

I spent the last 50 pages or so with a lump the size of a golf ball in by throat and 2 seconds away from my face turning into Niagara falls. It was beautiful. Well done Nicholas Sparks, well done. It’s a solid 4 out of 5 stars from me.

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