A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

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Book 2/17 of 2020 done and dusted! According to my Goodreads, I marked A Game of Thrones as started reading on September 15th 2017. I finished it on January 25th 2020. You may think due to how long it took me to read this book (despite it’s monstrous proportions) that I didn’t enjoy it but that’s certainly not the case.

I’m going to assume with the large scale popularity of the series that you probably already know the premise of the series. If not, Goodreads will be your best friend.

So let’s jump straight into my review of A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.

I’ve never been the biggest fantasy reader, always gravitating towards a cozy contemporary or fast paced thriller, but Martin’s world building is easily the best and most memorable I’ve encountered.

Despite the large scale of Westeros and Essos I didn’t feel myself feeling (quite) as frustrated as I normally would trying to navigate my imagination through the landscapes. And while there are so, so many names to remember it didn’t hinder the reading experience for me trying to keep track of the who’s who.

To be honest though so many minor character names flew in one ear out the other (so to speak) and given the large gaps I’d leave between picking up this novel I did have moments where I had trouble remembering the exact purpose of a minor character, but again, this didn’t slow down the experience or make me think negatively of it. Lesson learned: focus on reading 1 book at a time not 10 and you’ll be able to keep track of plot and character better.

The only real downfall for me, which is entirely personal and nothing on Martin’s writing, was that I’d only just be getting into the groove of reading a characters chapter only for it to switch to another. If you don’t know, the A Song Of Ice And Fire series is written in various points of view, which is awesome in terms of covering a wide story spanning two large fictitious continents. In terms of emotional attachment to certain characters and having to constantly feel like I was pulling myself away from a cliffs edge though? A touch hard.

I’d find myself itching to get back to Dany, for example, while having to dredge my way through Catelyn’s. (No shade to Cat, just an example and to be frank she’s one of my least favourite main characters.) You can’t keep hitting me with twists only to give me whiplash and send me thousands of miles into another story, gosh darnit, George!

All jokes aside I really enjoyed this read, especially when it came to Daenyrys’ and Sansa’s perspective. As someone who came to the books from the show this surprised me a bit as I’ve always been team Jon, Arya, and Dany.

Sansa frustrated the hell out of me in the first season of the show. Maybe it has something to do with anticipating her character development, as I came to really appreciate her story in the later seasons of the show. But also being a bit older and willing to look at her from a different perspective.

In the beginning, is she an absolute spoiled brat who doesn’t care who she hurts so long as she gets to live out her fairy tale dreams? Yeah. But was she also a young girl, just entering her teen years, who grew up comfortably, knowing she was in a sense “above” other people and being essentially trained to people please, her main goal in life being to wed someone of high standard and give them babies to continue their oh so prestigious lineage? Uh, yeah. You try dealing with all that while the pubity hormones hit and try coming out of it without an attitude problem.

All in all a well rounded, chonker of a book. I give it 4/5 stars, and I can’t wait to pick up A Clash of Kings in the near future.

So you’ve read my review of A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin, and now I’d love to read yours!

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